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Razer Orca Gaming And Music Headset
Too often we are forced to choose between what’s comfortable and what looks good. Chances are if you want to avoid flashbang sized headaches, you are going to find your dome lodged in some pretty dumb looking cans because, let’s face it; style doesn’t always roll shotgun when comfort is at the wheel. The Razer Orca is made to represent both. It keeps your style on lock while still giving you that 2pm Sunday morning pants optional type of comfort. Whether you are taunting your gaming opponent across the virtual battle fields or just tuning out on the subway with your music, the Razer Orca provides extended comfort while keeping your sound pristine and precise. The additional two meter plug and switch extension cable gives you the option of a shorter cable when you hit the streets and additional cable length to connect to your gaming PC at home.
Key Features Include: Cush Fit - The light-weight over-ear design provides a laidback comfortable fit for hours on end;Thumping Clarity - Crank it up and hear the bassline drop in crystal clear clarity;Plug and Switch - Keep the extension cable connected to your gaming rig for ease of access when you switch over from your MP3 player;2 Year Warranty.